Copper Spray Metalizing

The copper spray metalizing (copper spray gun) is used for a thermal spray of copper over the surface of the substrate. The copper coating thermal spray gun is used for coating after the sandblasting process. Before the copper spray metalizing with the copper thermal spray gun surface finishing is done with the sand blasting machine. Copper wire or powder coating is done to prevent the surface of the component from rust and oxidation. Coating over the surface of the component also provides wear resistance.

Copper Spray Gun

A copper spray gun provides a thick layer of coating over the surface. It is quite an expensive process to done coating with copper wire and powder.

In copper spray, metalizing rollers are used to forward the coating wire. These rollers are a push and pull the wire in the copper spray gun. In a copper spray gun for melting the copper wire both flame and electric arc process are used.

In the electric arc, process metal is melted or semi melts with the arc. The electric arc is generated between the anode and cathode for melting the wire or powder. In this type of spray gun to push and pull the wire compressed air and motor are used. When compressed air is used it is called air drive and when the motor is used to push and pull the wire it is called electric drive.

In copper spray metalizing if oxygen and gases are used it is called the copper flame spray gun. In this process, oxygen is used with acetylene and compressed air to melt the coating material. Copper provides a thick layer of coating on the component. Compressed air is used to atomized the coating material.

Applications Of Copper Spray Metalizing 

  • Heat conductive coating in electronic packaging devices
  • Brazing copper layers over aluminum heat sinks
  • High electrical conductivity layers on annealing rolls in steelworks
  • Restoration of parts with a coating over the surface

Copper Spray Metalizing Gun

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