Working of Metal Spray Gun

The metal spray gun is a gun in which the feedstock is put inside the gun where feed is molted down. This is being sprayed on the surface of the subject. A Metal spray gun is used for the thermal coating process which uses a single wire, cord, and powder as a raw material for coating. This feed material is melted in an oxygen fuel gas flame or with the help of an electric arc. This molten metal is atomized by compressed air and impinges on the surface of the substrate.

For melting the coating material both flame and arc spray gun process is used. In the electric arc process of a metal spray gun, the arc is generated between the cathode and anode. In metalizing gun coating material having opposite polarity is used.

Features Of Metal Spray Gun 

  • Conventional prices
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Long-lasting material quality
  • High performance
  • Easy utilization

Metal Spray Gun Specifications

Wire Drive Air Turbine
Wire Size 3.7 MM std. & 1.6 MM
Net Weight 2.65 Kgs
Shipping Weight 9.50 Kgs
Air Consumption 0.8 CU. Mtr/Min 

The metal spray gun is very much useful in various kinds of industrial, automobile, and mechanical utilities. Metalizing Gun provides excellent coating facilities while giving minimum heat input to the base metal. A metalizing gun is very much helpful in corrosion control coating.

A metal flame spray gun provides a thick coating to prevent the surface of the substrate from rust and oxidation. Working of Metal Spray Gun thick layer of coating.

Metal Spray Gun price

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Metal Spray Gun Manufacturers in India

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