Shot Blasting machines and Its equipment

Shot Blaster Machine

Shot Blasting machine - The system that no metal industry owner can function without is shot Blasting. It is used in almost every industry that utilizes metal such as the aerospace industry, construction industry, automotive industry, foundry industry, rail industry, shipbuilding & many more. Shot Blasting Machine is utilized to clean, induce strength also known as shot peening / polishing the metal surfaces. The process of blasting has become an indispensable aspect of the metal building &  the steel structure industry. This blasting system gives some major benefits for the protection & maintenance of steel & metal products. Before you get a look at the functioning of a shot blasting machine let us take a look at some of the advantages that make this procedure such an important part of the blasting industry.

The blasting process requires the use of two technologies:

  1.  Wheel Blasting (Airless Shot Blasting) Technique
  2. Air Blasting ( Pneumatic / Air Operated Shot Blasting)

Shot Blasting Equipment

The shot blasting machine consists of six different components (equipment):

  • Blast Wheel
  • Cabinet
  • Work Handling Mechanism
  • Elevator
  • Separator
  • Dust Collector

To define the role each piece of equipment of the machine works in the shot blasting process it is important to acquire the entire information about the sand blasting machine process & machine. The following description  is detailed of the functions of each equipment of the machine in the shot blasting process: 

The Blast Wheel: The blast wheel is an extremely important piece of equipment for every spiral of the shot-blasting machine. The wheels support the abrasive particles which are propelled into the centrifugal force from several types of turbine wheels. If the quality of the wheels is at an excellent level then the efficiency, as well as the cleaning impact, turns out to be great. 

The Cabinet: As with the blast wheel, the cabinet is also an essential part of the shot blasting machine. As the high speed of the abrasive particles has to be utilized in a controlled & vibration-free cabinet. This supports in securing their strength as well as their longevity, these cabinets are manufactured with the advantage of excellent quality of the steel material

The Work Handling Mechanism: Most of the operations within the machine exists for moving the parts (equipment) which depend on the type, size, & quality of the parts that need to be utilized. There is a mixture of types & designs of the shot blasting machine that are utilized for a separate functioning process like the Table Type Shot Blasting Machine, Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machines, Tumb Type Shot Blasting Machines, Paver Block Shot Blasting Machines, Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machines, Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machines, Spinner Hanger Double Door Type of Shot Blasting Machines, Stone Shot Blasting Machines, and Coil Shot Blasting Machines.

 The Elevator and Abrasive Recovery System: This part lasts a special place in the machine & maintains the regular functioning of the machine by helping the machine to enhance the used abrasives. The abrasives are gathered at the base of the cabinet with the help of a screw conveyor & are further delivered towards the base of the elevator, which then carries these abrasives to the separator for further action. 

The Separator Section: The Separator plays a remarkably big role in the abrasive blasting machine. This is the first part that helps to clean all components before abrasives enter into the blast wheel for reuse. 

The Dust Collector: This is the last & the most valuable part of the shot blasting machine. The dust collector is a part that is utilized primarily for the purpose of filtration. This required component helps in recovering the dust-filled air from the separator & from the dusty air that gets caught in the cabinet purifying system & releases clean air into the atmosphere for assuring an environment that is pollution-free. If your industry requires the process of abrasive blasting and you are in the requirement of a high-quality machine, then it is essential to get a basic knowledge of the above-mentioned parts. The analysis of the above-mentioned components serves in developing an eye for the functionality of these components before taking the final decision of which is the best machine according to your requirements and demands. This is so because taking the best type of machine can ensure an efficient, quick, and maximum level of cleaning for surfaces. Sand blasting is a complicated process and needs the use of professionally equipped techniques & equipment to apply this method correctly. To present you with this efficient system of blasting services with the perfect shot blasting machine, shot blaster a leading trader, supplier, and exporter delivers to you a range of metal shots and machines. Its efficiency has become a highly acknowledged aspect of this company in providing competitive services as well as machinery for the blasting & paint industries. A premium brand name in this industry with its recess quality of services provides accessories for protective coating industries as well.

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