Use of Gas Flow Meter

The gas flow meter is a highly accurate and reliable instrument for regulating and measuring the flow of both oxygen and fuel gas in a manual powder and wire thermal & arc spray gun. It has precision needle valves which are actuated by adjustment knobs on the front panel that controls the movement of gas through the meter. Flow unit readout is provided in both Metric (NLPM) and U.S. Customary (SCFH) units.

The separate flow meter is provided for the regulation of oxygen and fuel gas (acetylene or LPG), which are isolated from each other. As an additional safety feature, each meter incorporates a check valve in the piping from the meter outlet to the combustion flame spray gun, which protects against high back pressure that could result from gun backfire and prevents any possibility of mixing of the process gases with each other. These check valves can be replaced when necessary.

Features and Benefits of Gas Flow Meter

  • It is economical and simple so it is easy to own and operate and it required minimal training.
  • It gives precision metering of process gas flow for consistent results.
  • It can be used with a choice of fuel gas.
  • It is built-in check valves that protect against high back pressure.
  • In the gas flow meter, fuel and oxygen connections are threaded in the opposite direction from one another to prevent improper hookups.
  • Easily mounts on a wall.
  • It is easy to read with Sliding indicators.

Working Of A Gas Flow Meter

A flow meter measures the amount of liquid, gas, or steam flowing through or around its sensors. Flow meter sensors operate in various ways, but all have the same goal: to provide the most accurate and repeatable flow measurements for a specific application, such as process control, general research, or semiconductor processing.

Float in a tapered pipe is a common method. When fluid is forced into the space between the tapered pipe and the float, a differential pressure is created, causing the float to move accordingly. The flow rate can be calculated by reading the meter's visual scale.

Gas Flow Meter Price

We are leading manufacturers of gas flow meter in India at a low price. Acetylene, hydrogen, propane, MAPP, and natural gas can be safely used in thermal spray gun however the fuel it is calibrated for acetylene or LPG. The standard cylinders of compressed gas or with gas supplied through plant pipelines, or in combination are used. Whatever the source of the process gas it is important that appropriate pressure regulators used.


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