What is a Zinc Spray Gun?

The zinc spray gun is used for the coating process on the surface of the substrate to prevent rust. In a zinc spray gun, zinc and zinc alloys are sprayed over the surface of the component after melting it. To melt the zinc wire and zinc wire alloys oxygen and acetylene are used with compressed air.

Sometimes LPG gas is used at the place of acetylene. Oxygen and acetylene melt the zinc wire and compressed air is used to atomize the molten metal.  In thermal & flame spray gun rollers are used to forward the wire.

In the zinc spray guns, the gas flow meter is also used to check the flow rate of the oxygen and acetylene or LPG gas through it. The excess flow of oxygen and gases can cause the spray gun and coating process to not done perfectly.

Zinc Metalizing used to prevent the surface of the substrate from oxidation. This coating process is done after the surface treatment process with the sand blasting machine. The zinc metalizing gun provides a thick coating layer over the surface of the substrate.

Zinc Spray coating

Zinc spray coating is expensive and increases the life of the substrate. This coating can be done on both metal and nonmetal. Zinc spray coating is a very efficient method. In a zinc metalizing gun to melt the zinc and its alloys, an electric arc is also used. In the arc spray process, an electric arc is generated between the cathode and anode to melt the zinc.

Zinc wire or powder feed between cathode and anode so when the arc generates it melts the material easily. In this process deposition rate of molten metal is high on the substrate. Zinc wires are available in standard diameters from 1.2 mm-4.76 mm. zinc spray gun for sale in India at low price with the best quality.

Application Of Zinc Spray Gun 

  • Cathodic corrosion protection of steel structures
  • Coatings for capacitors  
  • Coating of heat exchangers for air conditioning.

Zinc Spray Gun price

Zinc spray gun price depends on the in which material uses. Ambica Enterprises is the Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporter of Thermal Spray Gun, arc spray gun, sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, Zinc Spray Gun for sale in India.



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