What is Portable Sand blasting Machine and its types?

The portable sand blasting machine used to soften rough surfaces, this machine removes rust or corrosion from metal surfaces, gives a surface clean or shaped using abrasive media material known as media. There are many different types of sand blasting machines such as portable sand blasting machine, automatic sand Blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, Tumblers, and many more.

Sand blasting must be carried out with proper safety equipment in place and must be handled with care otherwise, it can cause anaphylactic shock to the operator or the person getting in contact. So the operator must use sandblasting safety wear while working. It includes the operator’s suit, rubber hand gloves, gumboots, helmet, etc.

Different Configuration of Portable Sand Blasting Machine

There are many types of portable sand blasting machine :-

Portable Sand Blasting Machine AE P7 150

In portable sand blasting machine AE P7 150 is mostly powered by a sand blasting compressor, and the sand blasting machine is termed so because of its small-sized pot. The sandblasting compressor brings a large volume of high-pressure air to sand blasting equipment. sand blasting hopper is pressurized, tank filled with sand blasting grit, and used to allow an adjustable amount of sand blasting grit into the main blasting line. Fully equipped mini-sand blasting machine are generally found mounted on wheels, offering high mobility and easy transport from site to site.

Portable Sand Blasting Machine AE P7 300 

Portable sand blasting machine AE P7 300 is working for the process of cleaning, deburr, patching, smoothing, shaping, and cleaning a surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high velocity, industrial sand blasting effect is related to that of using sandpaper, but it maintains a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies or cracks.

Portable Sand blasting Machine AE P7 500

These portable sand blasting machine AE P7 500 have two models :

  • One is On / Off by Remote Control
  • Deadman Handle and the other is on/off manually

When Operators want to off the machine then it leaves the deadmen handle, then depressurizes the portable sand blasting P7 500 

Portable Sand Blasting Machine AE P7 1000

Portable sand blasting machine (AE P7 1000 & 1000R) has a cleaning rate that is high as compared to another sand blasting hopper. Its sandblasting pot capacity is also high. As combine with others, we need to fill 4-5 times less than the blasting pot. Portable sand blasting hopper has large wheels in this which help in easy movement. In which a vibrating sieve is fixed at the top of the blast pot from where we would fill the sand. In this there is no remote control, therefore, the operator needs to control the machine manually by ON/OFF the knob. Ambica Enterprises is the Best Manufacturers of Sand Blasting Machine, shot blasting machine, Grit blasting Machine, Sand blasting room, shot blasting cabinet, thermal spray gun, arc spray gun, powder flame spray gun, abrasive media, portable shot blasting machine in India at a low price for sale with the best quality. Sand blasting / shot Blasting Machine price in India depends on the type & size of shot blasting machine.


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