Portable Sand Blasting Machine and Vaccum Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

A Portable Sand Blasting Machine used to soften rough surfaces, this machine removes rust from metal surfaces, gives a surface clean or shaped using abrasive media material known as media. There are many different categories of Sand Blasting machines such as Portable Sandblaster, Automatic Sand Blaster, Wet Blasting Cabinet, Tumblers and many more. A Portable Sandblaster is often using by small and mid-sized companies such as Paint Shops, Auto Repair industry, Powder Coating Industry, and many more.

 Sand Blasting machines are using in many constructions and even crafts. Glass is frosted with a sandblaster normally for design or artwork. Large ships are sandblasted to clean up the rust for repainting. Sandblasters are used in car restoration and trucks to eliminate old paint and rust. Railroad cars are reconditioned by sandblasting the entire car to repaint. Many enterprises use Sand blasting machine there a process for different purposes. The nozzle comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Boron carbide is a popular material for nozzle because it resists abrasive wear well.

Vacuum Sand blasting Machine

Vacuum sand blasting machine is suitable for different purposes, applications for surface preparation before thermal coating, painting and needs only one man to operate thus it has an easy operating principle. There are various blasters based on pressure vessels in combination with compressed air filters and pressure regulators that provide sufficient velocity for blasting operation in a dust-free environment.

Benefits of Vacuum sand blasting machine

  • 99% dust-free operation because of fully automated blasting & vacuum start/stop sequence provider.
  • After the blasting Clean and abrasive material-free object surface.
  • There is no time loss through automatic filter cleaning and dust discharge is available.
  • Easy disposal of dust collected in a plastic bag
  • The unit can be relocated and/or transported easily as it is portable in nature.
  • A wide range of brushes is available to fit all (flat, cornered, radius) surfaces.

Portable Sand Blasting Machine price

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