Working of Aluminum Spray Gun

The aluminum spray gun is used for the coating process with aluminum wire on the surface of the substrate to avoid the risk of rust and oxidation. Aluminum wire is sprayed in an aluminum spray gun is sprayed across the surface of the component after melting it. In this process to melt, the aluminum wire oxygen and acetylene, or sometimes LPG gas is used with compressed air. Sometimes Oxygen and acetylene melt the aluminum wire and compressed air is used to atomize the molten metal or semi-molten metal on the surface of the substrate. In aluminum spray gun rollers are used to push and pull the wire in forward and backward direction.

The aluminum spray gun is also used arc to melt the feeding material. An electric arc is produced between cathode and anode to melt or semi melts the coating material. Thermal spray coating extends the life of the substrate. The aluminum spray gun coating process provides high corrosion resistance. Aluminum spray gun required minimum maintenance.

Working Of Aluminum Spray Gun 

Coating with the aluminum spray gun is done after the surface preparation process. The surface preparation process of the substrate is done with the sand/shot blasting machine. The Aluminum coating is done to prevent the surface from rust, and oxidation.

In an aluminum spray gun, the gas flow meter is used to check the flow of gases. In the gas flow meter flow of oxygen and acetylene is to be set according to the requirement. More flow of gases (oxygen + LPG/ Acetylene + Compressed Air) can damage the spray gun and coating material. And if the flow of gas is more than the equal coating is hard to do on the surface of the substrate.

Advantages of Aluminum Spray Gun

  • Reduce the risk of rust and corrosion
  • Mechanical damage resistance
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Increase the life of the metal component
  • Heat distortion is not normally a problem

Application of Aluminum Spray Gun

  • Subsea Pipelines
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Header Box
  • Valves
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tanks & Vessels

Aluminum Spray Gun Manufacturers

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