Zinc Spray Booth

Zinc Spray Booth for LPG Cylinders 

Zinc Spray Booth for LPG Cylinders are manufactured, supply and exporter by our company. Recently Shot blaster has manufactured a whole automatic zinc spray booth (aluminum spray booth) for one of the largest cylinder manufacturers in Jodhpur, India, this system needs individual arbitration only for both types of cylinders and for the supervision of the method. The repeated condition can be verified with quantitative production. Cylinders to be connected vertically on an overhead conveyor which primarily goes to blasting cabinet and then to the thermal spray coating booth. The Cylinder is placed manually on a twin roller conveyor which moves forward in the longitudinal direction as well as rotates inside the dry spray booth. The twin roller conveyor is driven by an electric motor.

Metalizing Spray Booth

Metalizing Spray Booth design will take down complexities of cylinder manufacturers which were earlier due to higher production demands & uneven manual coating works. Shot blaster is active in the field of manufacturing Metalizing spray Booth systems for longer than the last 20 years. The core competency of the company is to produce and develop thermal spray coating equipment as well as automation together.

LPG Cylinder

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) a greatly inflammable gas is always suggested to use by following a list of safety directions and so being to be practiced with its equipment and accessories. These LPG cylinders are metallic so risks of getting decreased due to corrosion are determined and so surface processing like paint, primers, Aluminum spray or zinc spray gun, etc. required to be applied to cope with this problem. Zinc sprayed LPG cylinders that are painted afterward do not need an inventory at least for a period of 11-16 years.

But investigations on LPG have open more extra scopes where this gas can be used and then increasing residents have forced manufacturers to produce more gas which ultimately requires increment in cylinder production so now quantitative quality has become a serious concern. Ambica Techno Blaster, India has assisted various LPG cylinder manufacturers by providing them zinc spray booths at a low price for sale.


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