Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Ambica Enterprises is the best shot blasting machine manufacturer in India. A Shot blasting machine is an included equipment designed for cleaning and preparing metal, stone, and other surfaces. It is a machine for cleaning metal parts such as forging, casting parts, steel surfaces, heavy metal structures, rusted metal parts, etc. Shot blasting machine blasts the metal parts in an enclosed chamber to remove surface rust, welding slag, and scale, making it uniform, shiny, and improve coating quality of anti-rust chemicals.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine has an enclosed chamber for blasting purposes and has a bare wheel that continuously rotates at very high speed, blasting abrasives such as steel shots, steel grits, or cut wire shots on metal parts to clean them. The capacity of the individual each bare wheel goes from approximately 60 kg per minute up to 1200kg/min.

Shot blasting machines also have a dust collector mechanism to prevent tiny particles, dust particles, etc. from escaping out of the machine into the surrounding. A dust collector connected with a Shot Blasting Machine prevents wastage of abrasives as well as prevents the environment.

Types of Shot Blasting Machines

There are various types of shot blasting machines for blasting different types of metal and steel parts such as:

Shot Blasting Process and application of Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting is the process of cleaning a surface and automotive part by blasting abrasive media such as steel shots or steel grit at very high velocity utilizing the centrifugal force produced by high-speed rotating disk in a shot blasting machine. Shot blasting machine is also used to alter the mechanical properties of various components, increasing resistance to fatigue for springs, gears, etc.

A shot blasting machine is like a closed chamber so the dust particles generated at the time of the blasting process remain inside the chamber and do not pollute the environment. Shot Blasting Machines for sale in India are available for cheap prices.

  • Castings in foundry factories must be polished, and the shot blasting machine is the best machine for the job.
  • A shot blasting machine can guarantee the quality of steel used in shipyards.
  • It can be used to remove old paint, smooth out a rough surface, or shape an object. Shot blasting machines are also used to clean old and discolored surfaces.
  • Shot blasting powerful action removes precipitates even from tough surfaces like concrete.
  • It enables you to reach difficult-to-reach corners and areas.


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